My Mission.

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s this: I don’t buy into the bullsh*t of “shoulds” in the online industry.

I’ve tried and failed to launch this project so many time over the last 10 years (yep, I’ve had the original domain for over a DECADE now!) because so often, I fell into the trap of believing what others were telling me what I should be doing with this.

I will make one promise to you now: whatever you see here, in this brand, in the products that I create, will never tell you what you "SHOULD" do.

I can only teach you what I know from my own experience - starting when I learned to code at age 11 over 19 years ago, ending with currently over 12 years as a professional designer & developer, and more than 8 years of that running my own design business & working with over 70 clients.

I can’t promise you that if you buy my products or follow the methods I’ve created you’re going to have a wildly successful business or suddenly wake up having sold 1000s of your product or have 100s of discovery sales booked in. I’m not going to tell you that your lack of sales is a “mindset issue” or some other BS.

Sure - those amazing things may happen! IF and only if you put in the work needed to grow your business. Anyone that promises a magical solution in one beautifully-wrapped-up present with a pretty bow isn’t going to be focusing on what really matters here: YOU.

YOU are the difference.

YOU are what makes your work incredible.

YOU are who people need to hear from.

Because YOU are the only one with your unique combination of skills, perspectives, experiences & talents in this world.

Nobody else has lived your life. And nobody else can live it for you.

And THAT is what I want to help you harness - that incredibly special something inside of you just waiting to burst out and unfold. That something that is just waiting for you to acknowledge it, recognise it, and share it for the world to see.

Because I know what it feels like to think that your work doesn’t matter, despite people telling you otherwise.

It’s only when YOU start to believe it that the real magic can happen, and you can start to create the business you’re dreaming of. It’s only then that you can truly make a difference in the world through your work, and reach the people that really need what you have to offer to them.

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The Beyond Ink Mission.

I believe in the ripple effect of helping others - and that’s why product accessibility is one of the most important core values I want to cultivate at Beyond Ink.

I know what it feels like to be at the beginning of your business journey, or even when you’re a few years in and you hit a rough patch.

Or maybe you realise that something just doesn’t feel right in your business and you can’t put your finger on it.
You so desperately need & want some help...but finding high quality resources that will *actually* help you to move the needle forward feels almost impossible.

This is why every single one of the digital products sold here aren't priced based on some arbitrary, made-up scale.

Instead, my products are based on a loose ladder - design template cost between A & B, guides cost the same price, mini-courses are priced similarly depending on the amount of content in them.

This is my way of giving back, and saying thank you to the community that helped me when I needed it most.

This is my way of supporting others through my work, when I know they can’t necessarily afford to work with me one-on-one.

This is my way of helping as many people as possible, in the most effective way that I know how.

The Details.

It’s as simple as this: you won't find any specific "product ladders" here, or staggered pricing and other trickery.

The reason for this is simple: I do not believe in manipulative marketing.

I don’t buy into the whole marketing psychology of pricing things that end with a 9 or a 7 and all that rubbish (there’s a fantastic article on more of that from one of my coaches & mentors Jason Zook here) and I want to make sure that Beyond Ink stays true to its values of accessibility, sharing, and community.

I have priced my products at what I feel is a fair exchange of value, and nothing more. I've not added a '7' to the end price to try and "convert" you "better".

And who even decided what "market value" should be? While my products complement each other and work well together - hello, I'm a brand designer, it's pretty much in my genes by now! - I'm not going to sell you something for $27, then $197, then $497. I'm not going to go...

“OH LOOK! This is worth 10 trillion pounds, but I’m going to give it to you for a fiver!” but rather… “Here’s the honest value of what I would normally sell this at - or what I have been TOLD I should price this at - and because I believe in giving back and making my work accessible to as many people as possible, this is what I want to charge you for it.”

Honesty. Transparency. Authenticity. Equality. Accessibility. That is what matters to me.

I also offer discounts to charities, students & educational discounts and those in need.

Simply reach out + pop me an email from your charity or educational institution email address and I’ll give you a one-time discount code just for you. And if you are struggling but feel that a product of mine may help you, please reach out too and I'll see if I can help.

The Beyond Ink Core Values.

The work I do here at Beyond Ink is centred around these three core values:

Create with  intention.

I believe strongly in making the world a better place, and making the work I do as accessible as I possibly can. The ways I do this in practice - as no intention is any good without action - is by offering a lower than market value pricing model, and by offering discounts to charities, students, and educational institutions.

Teach  what you  know.

I don’t believe that there should be “best kept secrets” or “hidden gems” that you have to spend years (and £££) trying to unearth. I believe in sharing what I know widely, making it as accessible to as many people as possible - and helping to encourage others to leave the world better than it was when we entered.

Cultivate  connection.

Connecting with my community is at the heart of everything that I do and create. I don’t know where I’d be with my biz without connecting with the people I'm lucky enough to have with me & around me now. Connecting with my community & helping others to do the same is one of the main reasons that I created Beyond Ink in the first place.
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Customer Love

Beyond Ink wouldn't be what it is without YOU. Here's a few love bombs thrown to us from current & past customers.

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