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Brand Photography Guide

When you're ready to up the visual stakes in the game, even as a branding designer one of the FIRST ports of call I recommend is to revisit your brand photography.

This could be anything from the photos you use on your website or on social media through to photos of yourself, and even the types of stock photos that you use. This brand photography guide will give you tips & tricks on the exact types of photos you might need, plus gives you a diversity-and-inclusion focused list of stock photo resource sites for you to grab diverse photos that more fully represents the beautiful world we live in.

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Brand Photography Guide


Help your brand stand out by knowing exactly which photos to use, and when.

Have you ever struggled to figure out the types of photos you need to be using in your brand or business? This guide has been designed to help you do just that.

Having beautiful photos for your brand & business isn't as hard as it seems.

Know which types of photo you want to include in your brand.

Not every style of photo will work for every brand! This guide will help you figure out which types of photo are perfect for your brand, and which you're missing out on.

Have real-world, diverse examples to learn from.

Each category of photos in this guide has real-world, diverse examples to learn from. It's our responsibility to make sure that the photos we use in our brand - when not of ourselves - are diverse and represent the world we live in.

Get access to my refined list of stock photo websites.

For years, I've been keeping track of places to grab truly diverse, high-quality stock photo images. You'll get access to my list of quality stock photo sites with free + paid offerings.

I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.

– Gilles Peress

Who it's for:

This guide is for anyone - business owner or hobbyist - wanting to improve the types of photos they use in their brand. Whether you're a service provider or product-based business, there will be relevant tips for you.

If you also want to improve the diversity of your images and represent the real world that we live in, this guide will also provide a list of diverse and realistic stock photo platforms that you can access, both free and paid.

What's included:


Product Details

An online and downloadable guide with examples and explanations of each type of brand photo you might need for your brand, and why. Plus, a bonus list of stock photo sites you can access at the end.

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