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This season is all about figuring out if you’re still aligned with the path that you’re walking, ensuring that you reflect on your mission, vision and values and other parts of your brand foundations to make sure they’re supporting you and not draining you. Ask yourself – are these still aligned with where you want to go? And where you are now? If not, now is the perfect time to re-align them with your vision for your work in future seasons.

This is also a season where you are able to reap the rewards of all of your hard work in previous seasons and have a season where you focus on rest and reflection. This is also a time for self-reflection and to go inwards – take the time to nurture yourself, look after yourself, and seek support wherever you need it to navigate through the challenges this season will also bring.

Remember that more than anything, Autumn symbolises transformation and preparation for new beginnings – embrace this by continuing to take small yet inspired action towards your goals. Trust in yourself fully and also allow yourself to trust in the process, knowing that just as nature continues to evolve during an Autumn season, so can you.