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You’ve already built a solid foundation for your work and have a proven strategy that you *know* works. You use your values as a signpost for your decision make and that also resonate deeply with your community and audience. You’ve grown your business – you’ve learned how to manage and scale through each of the seasons of business (and life) with a little more ease.

But. This Evergreen season can also come with its own challenges – you are worried about keeping that constant pace, you sometimes fear that you’re going to burn out, and it doesn’t always feel as sustainable as you thought it would at this point.

You know that success doesn’t happen overnight – you’re proof of it. You know that small, aligned steps forward make more progress in the long run. You’ve worked hard on your mindset, but things don’t always feel sustainable with your time, energy, and focus. Take time to remind yourself that you can still pivot, explore, and experiment without altering the course of your work for the long term. But to stay *in it* for the long term, you’ll need to change over time and adapt even more than you already have done.