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Winter seasons in business are seasons of introspection, regeneration, and deep pauses. As creative business owners, we can embrace the season of Winter in a couple of ways. First of all, reflecting on what led us here and how we can move through it is vital in helping us acknowledge what we need to learn from, but also help us take steps forward to move into another season.

Although Winter seasons might not be everyone’s favourite, I also think that they are sometimes a necessity. In nature, Winter is necessary for the plants to have time to completely shut down and then start to regenerate. They need rest as much as we do, so that they are more able to grow once Spring returns. And even though in that rest cycle it might seem like there’s nothing happening… underneath the surface a whole world is regenerating, recycling and repurposing its energy into new growth.

And that’s what Winter will be for you – a period of deep thought, pausing, and rest… but that allows you to more fully grow once your next season is on its way.