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The Values Compass

Create a set of core values for your business.
Have you ever struggled to make decisions in your business? In The Values Compass mini-course I'll show you how your values can be an incredible decision-making tool - and show how to craft your very own set of values for your business.
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Brand Questionnaire

[Re]Discover & establish your purpose, vision, and mission for your work.
Do you ever feel like you're creating without a real purpose, or feel like you're not making the impact you want to make? This workbook has been designed to help you dig deep into the Qs that really matter.
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Brand Photography Guide

Help your brand stand out by knowing exactly which photos to use, and when.
Have you ever struggled to figure out the types of photos you need to be using in your brand or business? This guide has been designed to help you do just that.
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A guide to finding your purpose in life & business.
Figure out what motivates you, fills you up, and inspires you to move forward in life and in growing your business.
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Mood Board Templates

Create a beautiful & inspiring mood or vision board for your business.
Use these Canva and Photoshop design templates to help you create an inspiring mood board that helps you anchor into the visual styles you're creating for your brand.
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Brand Board Templates

Create consistency with your brand visuals with this brand board template.
Use these Canva & Photoshop design templates to help you create more consistency with your brand visuals and share your brand styles with those that need it.
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If you’re a little unsure which way to go next, let our fancy-schmancy quiz give you a helping hand.

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