Root your business into what matters.

Beyond Ink is a collection of courses & workshops to walk creative folks like you through my 3-step process to creating stronger brand roots and growing your business with more intention & purpose.

Your brand is SO much more than the visuals, lovely.

Over the last 8.5 years of running my own business alongside living with chronic illness and disability, I've developed and refined a process for creating a brand that is built to last.

Step 1:

Grow Your Brand Roots

We start by digging deep into the very roots of what makes up your business - your values; vision; mission; story; purpose; and personality - and the vision for your growth.

All of these things determine not only the business you have now, but how you'll grow in the future. I do this through Get Rooted, my course to help you figure out what the roots of your brand are so you can grow with more purpose.

Step 2:

Branch Out Your Brand

Next, we create a visual brand that represents the roots of your brand. I teach you a smidge of design theory to help you create a beautiful visual brand rooted in what matters.

We explore creating authentic representations of your brand in a visual form, including teaching you how to design your own logo, create a cohesive colour palette, choose brand textures and patterns, and more.

Step 3:

Burst into Blossom

Finally, we work together on embodying your brand in your business and marketing more fully, so that you can show up and take aligned action out in the real world.

I'll show you how to create an authentic marketing plan that encourages & motivates you to show up in a way that feels good to you and how to start using your brand to help you take action and grow.

Find out More

I fully believe that I wouldn't be where I am now without community, and that's why I have created The Forest. When you enrol in any of my courses or workshops you'll automagically get access to my online space, where I can offer you extra support as you walk this path. You're never alone on this journey!

You'll also get to join your fellow inklings as you all grow your businesses together in a more rooted, intentional, authentic way. I like to think that you're joining The Forest to transform it into an even bigger space, growing your own beautiful, unique trees (*ahem* businesses *ahem*) in the way that feels most right to you. Community is one of my most important values, and I'm so grateful to be able to also hold that space for you.

Oh, hey! I'm Rachel, by the way.

I'm the designer & founder behind Beyond Ink. I've been running my own creative studio, Rachilli, for the past 8.5 years while navigating chronic illness and disability for the last 10. I'm an award-winning photographer, designer, as well as a speaker and author - and proud mum to my two border-collie & lab cross pups, Storm & Jasper (if you can guess what characters they're named after, you get a gold star!).

I created Beyond Ink because I wanted a way of offering a dose of encouragement to dig deeper than the surface level, and to help people learn how to leave their own mark on the world. It's a project that has evolved over the last 12 years to become what you see now - a collection of courses & workshops designed with one purpose: to help you grow your business & brand while rooted in what really matters.

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