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I get asked all the time about the different tools & software I use and about the courses I take & communities I'm in. I decided to pop it all together on this one page so that you can see exactly which tools & software I recommend you use, some of my favourite courses & the people who bring out consistently brilliant products that I love and have bought from in the online community!

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Wandering Aimfully

Wandering Aimfully is a group coaching community for intentional business owners. I've been a part of WAIM for over 4 years now, and credit the community & the support from Carol & Jason with being one of the main drivers behind the successes I've had with my business in the last few years. Equal parts encouragement, coaching & humour - it's for you if you want to learn how to create a business and life that works for YOU.

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I use Square over everything else for all of my client services. They’ve also recently introduced contracts and bookable packages, meaning I can use it for all sorts of client services stuff! (PS - If you sign up to Square through my affiliate link, we both get £1000 free of processing fees!)

Start Selling with Square
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My client & customer group is hosted on Circle and I plan to use it as the community platform for all of my courses and - sneak peek alert! - something new that’s coming later on this year.

Create your Community
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I LOVE FLODESK. I love the flexibility that comes with Flodesk and how well-branded I can make the emails. (PS If you use my affiliate link to sign up, I get a small commission and you get 50% off your plan for your first year!)

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Lemon Squeezy

I adore a good user experience, and the folks at LemonSqueezy are incredible. EU VAT and all taxes are covered for you, and they make it ridiculously easy (as lemon squeezy! 🍋😂) to set up your online products & sell them online.

Host digital products with Lemon Squeezy
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Flywheel are my choice of web hosts & they’re who I recommend to most of my clients too! I love their support team (their GIF choices are always fab) and their hosting itself is fantastic, with great features like staging servers, privacy protection, and caching built-in.

Host your websites on Flywheel
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I use Notion as a daily ritual tracker, journal, symptom tracker, project planner, task manager, content calendar, and for SO many other things. Notion is one of the most useful tools I’ve ever come across and it’s like my second brain.

Get started with Notion
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Fathom Analytics

Privacy as both a consumer and business owner is really important to me, so I use Fathom as my analytics of choice across all my websites. (PS If you use my link, you get $10 off your first payment!)

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I have been a long-time user of 1Password and I think online security is so blummin’ important. I use this to store all my business passwords, and ensure that they are secure and can be easily reset. I can’t shout enough good things about this, and their newest versions of the apps are just sublime 😍

Secure your passwords
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I use Zapier for so much in my biz! It’s what I use to connect all the little tech bits & bobs together, like connecting my LemonSqueezy purchases to Flodesk and Circle.

Automate with Zapier
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I’ve loved & used Teachery for as long as I’ve been a WAIM member, and I adore it. I use it for everything from courses to making my client experiences better!

Host courses & more with Teachery


I’m a recent convert to Voxer, a fab little walkie-talkie style messaging app that I use to catch up with business friends and to run my mentoring sessions from.

Send messages with Voxer
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I get a looot of emails and Missive is the most beautiful email client I’ve found for Windows. I work between two Windows devices, and a whole suite of Apple equipment (iPhone, iPad and MacBook!) and it’s the only app that has the same beautiful experience across each device.

Download Missive
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I use Loom for SO many video-related things in my business! I use them to send quick videos to clients, I use it to record all of my course videos, and I also use it to host existing videos recorded elsewhere. The videos are easily branded on their Pro plan, with captions included by default on all videos. They also recently brought in the ability to edit the captions on the videos & to export a transcript of the video content as well!

Host videos with Loom


Kinsta are a fantastic web hosting company that I usually recommend to clients & friends that have high-traffic websites and lots of visitors. Their support is fantastic & their web hosting features are great too!

Host your websites on Kinsta

Google Workspace

This is what powers my emails & I use it for file storage via google drive, google docs & sheets as well.

Get Google Workspace
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I don’t do webinars or online workshops very much anymore, but when I do the first platform I turn to is Crowdcast. It has the perfect combination of great quality video and interaction with the audience watching through Q+As and comments!

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Despite other one-off apps being available, I love my Adobe Creative Cloud - it works brilliantly for a lot of the work I do, and I plain prefer it over other alternatives for things like my PDF guide designs! Plus, I love Lightroom for all my photo editing.

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Airtable is an incredible app - I used to use it a lot more for everything from content calendars to client hubs before I moved everything over to Notion, There are certain things I’ve kept in Airtable due to their fantastic built-in automations.

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I feel like Calm is one of my secret weapons - not only do I love doing their daily meditations, but their music features have some fantastic options to work from! I can't work without some form of music, so it's this or Spotify playlists all the way.

Bring more Calm to your day


I’ve only recently started diving into the world of Figma, but it’s fast become my go-to. I’m exploring how to use it with designing branding as well - very excited for this! Please note I am in no way affiliated with Figma, but it’s a tool I love and use!

Get Figma

Automately is a Zapier alternative that sometimes has a little more options for the tools you’re trying to automate. I use it for creating some of my Notion automations!

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I use Dropbox mainly to help my sync my Fontbase files across devices as I use Google Drive for all other file storage!

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