Can you find the Hidden Meadow? If you do, you might find a nice surprise...

Hey, lovely! I'm Rachel :)

I'm on a mission to help you create a business & brand with deeper roots.

I'm so grateful that you're here, lovely!

I've seen first-hand, both for myself and my 70+ clients, that when your business is rooted in what really matters - like your values, vision and mission, your story, and so much more - it naturally, and intentionally, grows.

Let me tell you - one of my biggest passions is helping creative folks just like you see what's possible when you focus on rooting your brand in what really matters.

I first learned to code when I was 11, and as a largely self-taught designer that has honed my own intuitive process over the last few years, it's been incredible to see what you can achieve with the right knowledge and guidance. I originally started my business Rachilli over 8.5 years ago when I was signed off with stress from my day job and have now worked with over 70+ clients of my own, and have had my hand in offering advice or guidance to over 50 others when it comes to their brands and websites.

I've made many mistakes along the way of this business journey, but I'm so grateful to be able to take what I've learned and use that to help you grow a business that feels right to you. I'm not about giving you a cookie-cutter solution, or telling you that I have all the answers. I know the danger of that, and what can happen when you listen too much to what someone else says you should do instead of listening to your own inner voice & guidance.

Through the trainings I offer here at Beyond Ink, I hope to help nudge you back in the direction of your own intuition and lived experience, and using that to create a truly authentic reflection of yourself that lives out through your brand.

Me in a nutshell:

Designer. Photographer. Writer. Creator. Artist. Entrepreneur. Woo. She/Her. Founder. Master of burnout. Gamer. INFJ. Enneagram 4. Sacral MG. Obsessed with all manner of plants. Lover of all animals, but especially dolphins and dogs. 🐬🐶

A little more on my own story -

I started my business when I was 22, a few years after I entered the design industry in my hometown. I had been diagnosed with a chronic illness almost 18 months earlier, after almost a year of tests to determine what happened. Those two things aren't a coincidence, either - it felt incredibly hard to both look after my own needs as a chronically ill person, and also hold down a full-time job.

After my treatment in corporate - which was, let's say, not great - I decided to hide about my chronic illness to most of the world. Only my closest friends and my family knew about the daily struggles I faced.

I worked incredibly hard, pushing myself to be visible, striving to achieve the goals I'd set for myself and my work.

I was speaking on stage at conferences around the country, I was being interviewed on podcasts and online, I was contributing to the Expert Panel of one of the leading magazines for my industry here in the UK.

Yet I still managed to burn out. I was hiding so much of myself from the world, and trying to hold on to such a high ideal, that it was almost inevitable.

But that burnout led me on a journey to rediscovering what mattered to me, what my values were, and how I wanted to work in the future.

And though I continued to have a choppy relationship with burnout for the next few years, I can say now that I run a business that is true to my values, that gives me the flexibility and freedom I've craved for years, and that also supports my health and chronic illness in ways that I previously dreamed of.

And that's why I also created Beyond Ink.

I want to not only show what's possible for intentional, purpose and value driven creatives within your own business - but also to show what's possible for others with chronic illness. At its core, Beyond Ink exists so that I can show you and teach you the methods and intuitive processes I've honed over the years to create a brand that has impact and intention at its core - but that also feels authentic to who you are, and who you want to grow to be, so that you can grow in the way that feels most right to you.

My Core Values

Cultivating community through connection.

Following my most natural flow in life + business.

Embracing my most authentic self, always.

Being as courageously creative as often as I can.

Creating with intention.

Sharing my pain to help others.

More than anything on this journey that I'm personally on, I want to help you walk your path too. And to remind you that you're always brave enough and good enough to walk the path that calls to you the most too.

"Rachel" in a handwritten signature

Customer Love

Beyond Ink wouldn't be what it is without YOU. Here's a few love bombs thrown to us from current & past customers.

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