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I stumbled upon SureTriggers recently and realised how powerful it was – plus, it’s a great alternative to Zapier and Make! They seem to be really community-focused as well, which I love, and it seems a solid option. The team behind it are the creators of some incredible well known products in the WordPress world, and I’ve no doubt it’ll grow to be even better than it is now with a little more time. I’m definitely diving into this offer too – grabbing their Business plan means I’ll be saving over $200 on my Zapier plan each year and it works just as well (if not better in some ways) in all my tests.

Note to add: although this integrates incredibly well with WordPress sites you do NOT need to have a WordPress site to use it! You can also use it independently of that and connect your tech stack and apps together without the WordPress part. It works just like Zapier in that way!