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Burst into blossom

A 70-minute interactive workshop, Blossom, where we’ll design a strategic marketing plan for your business that embodies your vision, aligns with your values - and helps you blossom in your own beautifully unique way.

Unfortunately Blossom isn't available via Lizzy's Christmas Party any more - however, if you're interested in Blossom then feel free to use the discount code IMABITLATETOTHEPARTY to get 25% off!


Burst into blossom

  • 60 minutes of interactive workshop plus recording of a 10-minute Q+A

  • Lifetime access to replay to refer back to content as you blossom time and time again

  • Lifetime access to replay to refer back to content as you blossom time and time again

  • Access to my clients & customer group, The Forest, where you can ask questions & get personalised feedback!

By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to...

  • understand what blossoming looks like for you alone - and know where you land on the blossom scale

  • figure out what’s been holding you back from being able to fully blossom as vibrantly and as deeply as you’ve wanted to

  • know what authentic marketing is & have ideas of what what authentic marketing looks like for you & your business

  • feel more comfortable with knowing how much of your brand story to share & what parts are relevant to your community

  • have a strategic, authentic marketing plan in place, knowing which marketing strategies feel aligned and perfect for you

  • create a plan for the times when you don’t have the energy or resources to blossom, or you need a period of rest

I'm ready to blossom

Your Journey

The Blossom workshop will take you from:

“In your Design School course the Branding-Vision-Values exercises were amazing, and really guided me towards my voice. And they solidified My Why! You are a master at this Rachel. Thank you. 💕

Susan Bernard

“I now feel confident in being able to explain what I like and what I don't when it comes to how I present my brand visually, and how I can emphasize the best parts of me and my business through design.”

Natalie Taylor
The Missing Ink

Are you ready to blossom?

60 minute replay of my interactive workshop plus 10-minute Q+A

Access to my clients & customer group, The Forest, where you can ask questions & get personalised feedback!

Lifetime access to replay to refer back to content as you blossom time and time again

All for £100!

I'm ready to Blossom!

VAT or other sales tax may be added at checkout, depending on your location.

Price is roughly $115 USD / €115 EUR / $177 AUD / $155 CAD in November 2022

“First of all - BIG WIN ALERT!!! FIRST INQUIRY FROM MY WEBSITE and SOCIAL MEDIA!! Less than 1 week after Rachel's website review!”
Mer Morrison
“Rachel is one of the most talented designers I've had the privilege to work with. What I loved most about working with her was her collaborative approach that made it feel like a true partnership with her caring just as much about the outcome as you do.”
Hailey Dale
Your Content Empire

Let me Introduce myself...

Hey, I'm Rachilli!

I'm a brand designer & photographer turned creative mentor and the founder of Beyond Ink. Forever inspired by nature, I'm passionate about teaching fellow creative and online business owners learn how to grow more intentionally with values-led branding.

I've been running my own creative studio, Rachilli, for the past decade-plus while navigating a life with chronic illness and disability for the last 12+ - and there’s been many, many times I’ve had to learn and re-learn how to blossom in my business.

For the more official bio-y stuff - I'm an award-winning photographer, published logo designer & author, and proud dog-mum. 
I created Beyond Ink because I wanted a way of offering a dose of encouragement to dig deeper than the surface level, and to help people figure out how to leave their own mark on the world through their inner magic.

I'm ready to Blossom!

Here's some FAQs

I understand that I may not have answered all of your questions about Blossom either throughout this page or here in these frequently asked questions - and if that's the case, please feel free to reach out via the button below and contact me directly with your question. I'm here to help you make the most informed decison!

Get in touch

A: In a word – yes! This workshop is a replay of the original recording in June 2022, where the workshop content was delivered to a live audience. As a result, it is full of real-life examples of the breakthroughs we had in the session and means you get instant access to watch as soon as you purchase.

A: Accessibility is hugely important to me, and I’ve made a number of provisions to this to improve the accessibility. First of all, closed captions are availalbe on the video and the slides are available to be downloaded so that you can refer back to them at any point that you might need them. I’ve also added a private podcast version that you can sign up to within the course area and a written transcript is available of the full workshop (though it’s my aim to make this truly accessible and provide a fully-formatted article version or graphic-note versions in early 2023). If there are any access needs that you have that I may have overlooked, please feel free to email me via the button so that I can do what I can to help you access this workshop fully!

A: I’m a huge believer that we all blossom at different stages in business, and that it’s never a one-and-done sort of thing. As a result, I think this workshop will be perfect for you whether you’ve been in business 1 week, 1 year, or 10 years! The techniques I teach are methods I’ve honed over my decade in business and after working with hundreds of clients, both 1-to-1 and in group settings.

A: The Forest is my wonderful clients-and-customer-only group. Hosted on a wonderful community app called Heartbeat (with our own fancy-schmancy custom domain and login) it’s away from the noise of social media, just how I like it! It’s a tiny but mighty community, filled with the loveliest people. You are more than welcome to join after purchasing Blossom (or any of my other digital products or courses!) and all the details are inside your workshop area online. It also gives you the chance to tag me in posts and ask questions about your own Blossom experience, allowing me to give you some personalised feedback.