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Brand Vision Toolkit 🔮

Stop getting stuck in the messy middle of growing your business & root yourself in the true vision you have deep down for your brand & work.

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You've done *all* the things.

You’ve reflected. You’ve journaled. You’ve bought all the courses & resources until you can't keep track of them any longer 😅

Yet you still get stuck and feel like you’re running around in circles, unable to truly decide which next step is the best one to take. And you wonder what you’re doing wrong, when everyone else seems to have their shiz together and you’re still… stuck.

You want to know the secret to making more progress, growing your business with ease, and feeling more confident in your work and what you put out there – so that you can be the one people look to and ask “how did they do it?”

Sorry to say it - but there is no secret.

When it comes to running your own business, you’ll always find those times when you’re in that messy middle, you aren’t sure of where to go next, or you find yourself with a decision to make and you’re spinning around wondering which direction is the best one to take.

And while there’s no secret answer that resolves it all, there is one more thing you can try.


Brand Vision Toolkit

All you need to help you get unstuck when you’re in the messy middle of your journey and root yourself in the vision for your work - helping you to build your sense of direction that keeps you moving forward & taking action to grow your business.

All for only £25!

I'm in - gimme the toolkit!

My story.

Hi there! My name is Rachel, but everyone calls me Rachilli, and I am a creative business mentor. I want to share with you the story behind why I created the Brand Vision Toolkit.

I’m a creative online business owner just like you- so I bloomin’ understand the struggles that come with building a brand and growing your business in the way that YOU want to. I remember feeling lost and overwhelmed time and time again and I thought that I had a vision for my brand and my work, but I didn’t know how to bring it to life. And when I did, my vision had often shifted – but I hadn’t shifted along with it.

After years of trial and error, I developed a part of my branding process that helped me clarify my vision and create a brand that truly represented who I am and what I stand for. I knew I wanted to share this process with other creative entrepreneurs and business owners who were struggling with their own branding journey and kept getting stuck in that messy middle.

That’s how the Brand Vision Toolkit was born. I took the most impactful part of my branding process and created a step-by-step guide that anyone can use to clarify their brand vision and create a brand that truly represents them – but that they can also come back to time and time again, whenever they need to root back into their brand vision (which might have changed, like mine so often did) and helps give them a signpost of what their best next step is.

I'm ready - gimme the toolkit!

Before we worked together, I was kind of lost in my own thoughts and limiting beliefs about what it takes to put creative projects and (online) businesses out there. I felt like talking to Rachel not only inspired me but also more importantly reminded me that I get to give myself permission to share my voice. And it doesn't matter what my fears say, it's about listening to my own intuition.


Here’s what I hope you get from the Toolkit…

  • 🔮

    the toolkit can help you figure out the vision for your work and business when you feel stuck in the messy middle, giving you a sense of direction and purpose, allowing you to move forward with clarity.

  • 🔮

    the Toolkit can help you feel more rooted in your work and what the vision is for your business, gifting you with more confidence to make more more strategic decisions and take bold action.

  • 🔮

    the mini videos and guides in the Toolkit can be a great source of inspiration (for your own vision & the clarity that brings) allowing you to tap into your creativity and discover new ideas that can help you grow and evolve.

  • 🔮

    by rooting in your brand vision & building your confidence, it can help you connect with more of YOUR people, allowing you to grow deeper and more meaningful relationships & building a deep sense of trust with your audience

  • 🔮

    as you connect with more of YOUR people, you can grow a bigger audience for your business, helping you to expand your reach and the people you may be able to impact through your work.

  • 🔮

    rooting into your brand vision can give you greater confidence in your work and your ability to achieve your goals, helping you to stay motivated even when faced with challenges - because you know what you need to do to get back on track.

Clarifying one aspect of your business – your brand vision – can feed into so many other parts of your business. The Brand Vision Toolkit could be the catalyst for your business growth in so many ways that you can’t possibly imagine them all. 

The Brand Vision Toolkit is for you if you’re willing to dig deep and be honest with yourself about what you want from your business, and what you want to achieve.

I'm ready - gimme the toolkit!