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Use the power of your values to grow roots for your brand and build your creative business with intention & clarity - without sacrificing your soul or personality.

I want to get rooted!

Do you wish that...

you had a personal signpost that could help you make the important decisions in your business?
you felt more confident on exactly how you wanted to grow your business in a way that also feels authentic to you?
you knew which parts of your story to share with your community, while also setting boundaries to protect your energy?

If so, I've been where you are right now.

It was only when I learned to trust in myself, my values, and set a vision for my business and brand that was authentic to who I am that I started to see real growth in my business, land the types of clients I'd dreamed of, and take much more strategic, intentional action.

It's time to root your business in what really matters.


A hybrid self-paced course with community access & live support to help you create a business rooted in what matters - and that will help you grow in the way that YOU want to, not the way everyone says you should do.

This course will give you:

Lifetime access to 90+ minutes of self-paced videos (split into digestible little chunks & with transcripts)
Brand visioning workbooks, worksheets & exercises (both Notion & Google Docs versions)
Community access to my customer-only group, The Forest, hosted on Circle! Plus access to the next live-round of Get Rooted with extra support & live office hours!
PLUS £7 from every sale donated to The Woodland Trust

Get Rooted for just £200

I want to get rooted!
VAT or other sales tax may be added at checkout, depending on your location.

Price is roughly $264 USD / €240 EUR / $356 AUD / $332 CAD in March 2022

By the end of this course, you'll have:

Your very own Brand Research Bank to inspire you & refer back to at any time
A set of core brand values to use as a signpost that help you make better business decisions
Clear brand mission & vision statements to help you create and grow with more intention
Clarity on your Brand Story to help you craft your brand messaging with ease
A vision for your Brand Personality to guide you in how you want your brand to be perceived
An Aligned & Authentic marketing plan to share your brand in a way that's authentic to you
“In your Design School course the Branding-Vision-Values exercises were amazing, and really guided me towards my voice. And they solidified My Why! You are a master at this Rachel. Thank you. 💕”
Susan Bernard
“I now feel confident in being able to explain what I like and what I don't when it comes to how I present my brand visually, and how I can emphasize the best parts of me and my business through design.”
Natalie Taylor
The Missing Ink

Take a sneaky peek at what's inside...

Step 1: Gather & Prepare

Before we get into the nitty gritty of creating your brand roots, we first need to stop, gather, and prepare for the work we'll do together.

Step 2: Plant the Seeds

Now we’re going to start to plant some of the seeds that we want to grow through our brand, through creating our brand values.

Step 3: Deepen the Roots

We then deepen your brand roots by looking at your brand mission & vision, brand personality, and brand story.

Step 4: Grow & Nurture

Finally, we will take what you've gathered and put it into action in a way that feels aligned and authentic to you and your #MostAuthenticSelf.


You'll also be able to step into our wonderful community, The Forest, and get to know your fellow inklings (community members). Plus, you'll get access to live office hours & get extra support for 8 weeks during the next available live round!

My hope for you in Get Rooted is that will show you how to step back and take a look at what really matters.

It's so easy to get caught up in the hype of creating or scaling a business that, sometimes, we forget to grow the foundations for what it is that we want to become.

Believe me - I'm all about the big picture and dreaming up a vision for my work! But by taking the time to step back and make sure that we're creating a business rooted in authenticity, our intuition, and from an inclusive and accessible standpoint means that we'll create a business much more likely to stand the test of time, connect on a deeper level with our clients and customers, and grow the way that we're truly meant to.

But more than anything, I know the harm it can do when you lock up who you really are - and the person you want to show to the world - inside. All it left me with was a severe case of perfectionism, a life-long struggle with overworking, and two bouts of burnout that landed me in hospital.

I also worked from month to month, project to project, and had some of my worst years in business when I ignored my intuition and listened to the "experts" on how to approach things with my work. I felt like I was living a double life, because I hid the parts of me I desperately wanted to share, like my chronic illness and the impact that had on my life.

It was only through following the process I teach you in Get Rooted, and grounding myself in what REALLY mattered in my business - so things like my values and letting them lead me, focusing on what my own personal purpose and mission for my work is, and sharing the parts of my story that mattered and felt relevant - that I started to land bigger projects, work with more aligned clients, and consistently build my income year by year by year.

✨ That's the magic of values-led branding, and the Get Rooted process ✨

Get Rooted can help you go from:

overwhelmed with where to get started and what to work on first

confident in your next steps and the process you want to take

confused with what to focus on & when while trying to build or scale your business

having crystal clear clarity on what you want to do, how you're going to do it, and in what order you'll do it in

unsure & fed up of the constant overworking and hustle culture & not sure who you should listen to

feeling secure in your own values and marketing, knowing that you're doing what feels right to YOU

Are you ready to get rooted?

Get Rooted

Lifetime access to 90+ minutes of self-paced videos (split into digestible little chunks & with transcripts)
Brand visioning workbooks, worksheets & exercises (both Notion & Google Docs versions)
Community access to my customer-only group, The Forest, hosted on Circle! Plus access to the next live-round of Get Rooted with extra support & live office hours!
Access to & support from Rachel during the whole process (even more with live rounds - with live office hours!)
PLUS £7 from every sale donated to The Woodland Trust

Get Rooted for just £200

I'm in - I want to get rooted!
VAT or other sales tax may be added at checkout, depending on your location.

Price is roughly $264 USD / €240 EUR / $356 AUD / $332 CAD in March 2022
“First of all - BIG WIN ALERT!!! FIRST INQUIRY FROM MY WEBSITE and SOCIAL MEDIA!! Less than 1 week after Rachel's website review!”
Mer Morrison
“Rachel is one of the most talented designers I've had the privilege to work with. What I loved most about working with her was her collaborative approach that made it feel like a true partnership with her caring just as much about the outcome as you do.”
Hailey Dale
Your Content Empire

Hey, I'm Rachilli!

I'm a brand designer & photographer turned creative mentor and the founder of Beyond Ink. Forever inspired by nature, I'm passionate about teaching fellow creative and online business owners learn how to grow more intentionally with values-led branding.

I've been running my own creative studio, Rachilli, for the past 9+ years while navigating a life with chronic illness and disability for the last 10. I'm an award-winning photographer, published logo designer & author, and proud dog-mum to my two border-collie & lab cross pups, Storm & Jasper (there's a gold star in it for you if you can guess their superhero & fantasy character namesakes!).

I created Beyond Ink because I wanted a way of offering a dose of encouragement to dig deeper than the surface level, and to help people figure out how to leave their own mark on the world through their inner magic.

Here's some FAQs!

Is this for product businesses or service-based businesses?

It really doesn't matter what kind of business you have! The lessons here aren't specific to your type of business - more the way that you want to do it. If you want to learn how to run your business and grow your brand based on your values, then this is the right place for you - no matter what you sell.

How much experience do I need to take part?

None at all! This course is for anyone running their own business - whether you're at the very beginning stages, or you're further on your business journey but need to take a step back before you scale. All you need is a willingness to dig deep & be willing to trust in the process.

When does the course start?

The course is open for you to go through at any point! This means when you buy you get instant access to both the course itself, Get Rooted, and from that point you also get immediate access to my clients & customer community, The Forest.

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are available upon request - it's a bit more of a manual job for me as my checkout software doesn't allow for these just yet! Simply pop me an email and I'll happily set this up for you! Please note the payment plan would be 2 monthly payments of £100.

What is your commitment to accessibility?

For accessibility purposes, each video has: a full transcript available; closed captioning; speed controls on the video player. Each of the exercises is available in versions on the following platforms: Notion; Google Docs; and as a downloadable PDF. Any live video offered through Campfire Chats (only during live rounds) will be hosted on Circle or Whereby so that the Live Transcript closed captioning features can be enabled in the Chrome browser.

Do I have to attend the Campfire Chats live?

Nope! The Campfire Chats will all be recorded and then uploaded to the Course Hub along with a full transcript. The videos will also have closed captions available. You will also be able to submit questions before the call just in case you can't be there live! Please note these are limited and only available during live rounds.

Do I get access to future live rounds if I buy Get Rooted now, as a self-study course?

YES! You absolutely, 100% do. Buying now means that you'll nab the lowest price and you'll also get access to the next future live round of Get Rooted. You'll also have access to The Forest, my customer & client community, which is a space to ask questions and get support from me directly - and from your fellow inklings! There's a hidden little space just for Get Rooted customers within The Forest, as well as the larger community.

Why is the course pre-recorded and not available as live trainings?

Part of my life living as a disabled, chronically ill woman means that I need to find a better blend of work, life, and rest. I have pre-recorded the lessons to know that what you are being taught is the highest possible quality I can give to you, and also ensures that I have enough energy during the live rounds to be able to show up in both The Forest (our online community) and the Campfire Chats (which are only available during our live rounds).

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The Beyond Ink Values

Aside from my own personal values (you can read more on them on my about page) there are some values for Beyond Ink as a brand that my work here is centred around.

Create with intention.

I believe strongly in making the world a better place, and making the work I do as accessible as I possibly can. The ways I do this in practice - as no intention is any good without action - is ensuring my offers are as accessible as I can make them, and by offering discounts to charities, students, and educational institutions.


Teach what you know.

I don’t believe that there should be “best kept secrets” or “hidden gems” that you have to spend years (and £££) trying to unearth. I believe in sharing what I know widely, making it as accessible to as many people as possible - and helping to encourage others to leave the world better than it was when we entered.

Cultivate connection.

Connecting with my community is at the heart of everything that I do & create. I don’t know where I’d be with my biz if I hadn't started connecting with the people I'm lucky enough to have with me & around me now. Connecting with my community & helping others to do the same is one of the main reasons that I created Beyond Ink in the first place.