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YAY! You're in for Get Rooted!
without sacrificing your soul or personality.


Hello lovely! Welcome to Get Rooted. We are getting started now, so this is just a little welcome video to say hello. If you’re watching this, you should already be in our custom little Teachery hub. That’s where everything is going to live for get rooted and where you’re going to be able to go through all of the lessons and download all the workbooks, look at all the resources, all of that – everything that you need, any replays of recordings, any Q and A’s, all of that will live inside of here as well.

So by now, you should have also been given access to our Circle community platform, and this is called Enter The Forest or The Forest, for short. And this is a really special place because I think that so much power comes in community. And so much of that time that we’re going to spend together working on this stuff means that we can really connect with one another and really like boost each other up and give each other the room to grow, but also help challenge each other and really just offer the support along the way for the process that we’re going to be going through. So I’m really excited to have you here.

I just want to talk a little bit about what brand roots are as well, because I know that that’s not always kind of…you know, I’m a brand designer. So I come up with like messaging ideas and ways of presenting things, and you’ll see there’s a lot of that throughout Get Rooted itself as well. But I just wanted to explain a little bit more about the thought process behind it. So I will go into this and all of the lessons and explain what they are, but I really see your brand roots as your foundations.

So if you imagine a tree or a plant or flower, they’ve all got these roots that really ground themselves into the ground, into the earth. And the bigger the tree, for example, the bigger and deeper the roots and the further that they stretch. So I remember reading about some trees… Yes, that’s the kind of person that I am. Um, and it was something like if there’s a tree that’s taller than your house, for example, the roots for that tree may extend the equivalent of two or three houses height underneath the ground and spread out and spread out and spread out.

And the reason I call it Get Rooted is because I really feel that when you can root yourself and ground yourself into the things that matter such as like your mission and vision, your values, your story, your personality, all of that. If you can create a brand and a business that is rooted in those things, you’re not only going to be able to like forge a deeper connection with your clients and things like that. But you’re also going to be able to grow with intention and to know where it is that you’re growing, where you’re putting your attention, how it is that you want to grow as well, which is really important. And I think so many of us often don’t think about this, or we kind of start a business or we start, you know, doing the things that we want to do. And then we just kind of keep going and we just take it day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. And we don’t end up taking that little step back to actually think about, okay, what are the roots I’m trying to grow here? What are the things I’m trying to create and how do I want to grow?

And so it’s just giving yourself permission to kind of step back a little bit and to think about those things. And that’s what Get Rooted is all about. And I’m here all the way through this journey alongside you. It’s a process I’ve been through with myself as well as with many, many clients over the last nine plus years of running my own business. And I’ve been, you know, as you’ll find out in the course, I’ve also been sort of making decisions in my life, you know, through my values, through everything else and this process without even realizing it from my late teens. So yeah, we’re here. We’re ready. I hope you are ready too.

I also just want to leave you with a little note of encouragement that this process might feel a little bit hard. Sometimes it might feel a little bit scary or vulnerable, but lean into that. Don’t be afraid of that and really like allow yourself to feel what you need to feel during the process. And also please just take what you need and leave what you don’t. I don’t ever want you to feel like I’m prescribing or dictating how things should be to you. I think I’ve got one “should” in this that I remember when I was editing the videos I was like, “Hmm, I don’t like saying should!” – So don’t ever feel like you should be doing something just because I’m saying it, but maybe allow what I’m telling you to spark some little magical thought or idea or way of doing it that might work better for you as well.

Because at the end of the day, you are the one that has to do this process. You’re the one that has to go through the process and do, you know, do the thing and take the action. I can’t do it for you, but also there’s so much more power inside of you and your brand will be so much stronger for it if you can do it yourself and you can feel into it, lean into the process and really enjoy what it is that you’re doing, because your incredible, my love. And if you’re here, I know that, because you really care about doing this stuff, right

So I think you’ve got it and you’ll rock it, but please don’t forget to lean on me as well. Ask me questions. If you need to, I will be in The Forest all of the time, you know, supporting you, cheerleading you on (I’m now officially, by the way, your biggest cheerleader). So let’s get started.