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Project Planning for Spoonies 🥄

How to actually get stuff done and bring your projects to life when chronic illness life happens (because you know it will) – from a fellow spoonie!

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You feel like you've tried it all.

And still, no matter what you do - you're always having to delay your projects, push back launch dates... or cancel the project altogether.

Believe me when I say that as a fellow spoonie and disabled tough cookie, I 100% UNDERSTAND.

The amount of projects I’ve not been able to fully commit to, that have taken longer to launch than planned, that I’ve had to push back the launch date for (publicly, again) OR cancel altogether are far too many to count.

And that’s not including all the times you see fellow creators launching things you had ideas for months earlier, but weren’t able to execute on quickly enough.

There's a reason that cookie cutter project planning doesn't work for those of us that live with chronic illness, are disabled (or both!) or have any other thing that requires ongoing attention from us.

And the reason is this: we simply can’t run our businesses in the way as everyone else.

Honestly? I used to be ashamed of that. I used to do everything I could to “fit in” and joined memberships and received coaching on how to “better” plan my projects… and while they definitely helped me figure out what worked for me (and what didn’t) I was still no better off on finding a process that was repeatable, sustainable, and ACTUALLY helped me move the needle and get my projects finished.

But after years of trial and error, I've finally created a project planning process that works with my chronic illnesses instead of against them.

You see, that’s the key to it all – realising that your chronic illnesses, disability, or whatever it is you feel gets in your way isn’t actually a problem stopping you from completing and launching your projects.

In fact, it might hold the key inside to you being able to not only dream up more projects and create better action plans for them that work WITH your unique needs – but also bring them to life AND get them launched.


Project Planning for Spoonies 🥄

All you need to create the vision, plan, and flexibility for your projects that will help you to bring them to life - even when chronic illness life hits (because if there's one thing us spoonies know best - it's that we know it always will, despite our best efforts)

My story.

Hi there! My name is Rachel, but everyone calls me Rachilli, and I’m a brand designer turned creative business mentor. I’m a creative online business owner just like you – so I bloomin’ understand the struggles that come with building a brand and growing your business in the way that YOU want to. Over the years, I’ve had to learn how to adapt my planning process to work WITH me instead of constantly fighting against it and feeling drained and fed up when yet another project bites the dust and fails to launch.

After years of trial and error and experimentiation (and a whole lotta failing) I’ve finally created a project planning process that works WITH my body, my chronic illness and my unique set of needs to help me vision, plan, and launch projects with ease – even when chronic illness life hits, symptoms rear up, or flares happen… because, let’s face it, we know it will.

And instead of making me feel worse about how my chronic illness affects my life and business, when the inevitable happens and a project is delayed my process now empowers me as it builds in true flexibility to change things up when needed and launch as many of my projects as I’m able to. And I hope this toolkit can empower you in exactly the same way.

I'm ready - gimme the toolkit!

Before we worked together, I was kind of lost in my own thoughts and limiting beliefs about what it takes to put creative projects and (online) businesses out there. I felt like talking to Rachel not only inspired me but also more importantly reminded me that I get to give myself permission to share my voice. And it doesn't matter what my fears say, it's about listening to my own intuition.


Here’s what I hope this toolkit can help you do…

  • 🥄

    embrace your unique ryhthm - figure out how to effectively plan projects around your chronic illness so that you can work at your own pace and still create beautiful things

  • 🥄

    overcome overwhelm - learn strategies to help you break down big projects into manageable chunks so that you can still get things done even when time is short

  • 🥄

    harness your superpoweres - uncover how your chronic illness(es) are a superpower instead of feeling limited by them

  • 🥄

    find your creative flow - explore ways that you work best so that you can tap into your creative energy and create when you want to - not just when you can do

This toolkit might be about project planning, but my hope is that it is so much more for you & encourages you to embrace all that's wonderful about your chronic illness and what it can teach you.

Along the way, I’m sure that you’ll find some incredibly useful techniques to figure out what YOU need from your project planning so that you can harness your blummin’ brilliant superpowers and bring project after project to life.

I'm ready - gimme the toolkit!