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March Seasonal Planning Session

Limited Time Replay

Thank you so much to everyone who came for the session yesterday - I always find it's so beautiful to spend some time together, all focusing on my seasonal planning process - reflecting, visioning, and actioning!

If you loved the vibe of this seasonal planning session I'd also love to invite you to take a look at my new group program, Seasons.

Doors are open until April 1st - and if you join during this round you get a special founding membership and save 40% on the full price!

  • Before we worked together, I was kind of lost in my own thoughts and limiting beliefs about what it takes to put creative projects and (online) businesses out there. I felt like talking to Rachel not only inspired me but also more importantly reminded me that I get to give myself permission to share my voice. And it doesn't matter what my fears say, it's about listening to my own intuition.

  • Whatever the season of business you're in...
    I'll be there to help however I can...
    So that you can finally grow your business aligned with your values, energy, and humanity.