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Seasonal Planning Template

A Notion template designed to help create your business plan for the next season to help you grow with intention, get clarity on your goals, and create the vision to bring it to life.

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Ditch the frustrating & unclear quarterly planning and create an intentional, actionable growth plan with this seasonal planning template.

When we don’t have a clear understanding of what season our business is in, it’s hard to create goals that will actually move us forward and more towards where we want to be.

By embracing a seasonal approach to the planning in your business, you’ll be able to grow your business with a bucket load more intention because you’ll be using the energy of the seasons to help inspire the actions that you not only need to take – but want to take.

But why focus on planning with the seasons anyway?

By aligning your business planning with nature’s cycles and seasons, you’re able to take a lot of inspiration from the way nature just does its thing. If you think about it, nature knows a thing or two about growth, change, and resilience. By following its lead, you’ll find yourself embracing new opportunities, adapting to challenges, and thriving in your business.

This template will help you align your planning process with the seasons, organise your thoughts, reflect on the season that has passed, get clarity on your goals for the next season, and create an actionable business vision plan to bring it all to life.

Introducing your...

Seasonal Planning Template

My story.

Hi there! My name is Rachel, but everyone calls me Rachilli, and I’m a brand designer turned creative business mentor & strategist.

I don’t know about you, but my natural “start of the year” never really falls into the typical January hype 😅

While I love a good “New Year, New Start!” vibe, for me – that always falls in September, which happens to be my business birthday, and March, when Spring falls here in the UK. All that fresh new energy, the brighter mornings, and seeing all of my carefully-tended-to plants start to grow definitely gives me that energetic New Year kinda lift.

So with these being my two most natural reflective points of the year, I started to realise how naturally these fell alongside the seasons. And so a year or two ago now, I started shifting my quarterly planning to be seasonal planning, where I aligned my reflection & planning points alongside the seasons instead of the exact quarters.

That’s where this seasonal planning template came into play – I use Notion to manage allllll my business & life stuff, and after creating a template that housed all my seasonal planning processes, I thought: why not share it!

I'm ready - gimme the Template!

I love how much my mind has been put at ease and that I'm not alone in thinking negative things when I've not reached a goal or that I'm way behind everyone else. It's been very freeing! This template has been really motivating and has made me more determined than ever.


Here’s the 4 Part planning process we cover:

  • 1️⃣

    reflecting on the past season - to help us reflect & celebrate so that we don't move into the next season without acknowledging all that we've achieved in the last one.

  • 2️⃣

    seasonal planning - figure out where you are now, so that you know what to keep in mind when you're working towards your goals in the next season.

  • 3️⃣

    the season ahead - start dreaming about the season ahead and learn about the ways we can use the upcoming season as inspiration for what's to come.

  • 4️⃣

    business vision planning - learn the best way to take your vision and ideas for the season & turn them into an actionable plan that will help you bring those goals to life.

I'm ready - gimme the template!