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A group program & membership hybrid that will teach you how to grow your brand and business through every season

Doors open on the Solstice – June 20th

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In a world where we’re often overwhelmed completely by the constant noise and push for success after success and non-stop growth, it can feel a little challenging and uncomfortable to fight for what feels most right and aligned to us.

Because it’s not what we’re taught. It’s not what we hear everyone talking about all the time, when they mention their cookie-cutter recipes to grow a business from zero sales to a bajillion-figure-month in just 10 days. 🙄

And it’s so easy to feel like we’re constantly chasing after the next big thing, trying to keep up with our to-do list (that keeps growing, every. single. day!), or feeling like we have to sacrifice who we are as people, our values, or even our creativity and authenticity to keep up.

And don’t get me wrong – I’ve been there too. SO many times, over my last almost 12 years in business working for myself. I’ve worn many hats over the years – designer, developer, freelancer, photographer, author, speaker, mentor, coach.

But the one thing that’s run through all of the ups and downs that came as a natural part of running my own business is that I always tried to stay true to both my values and who I am at my core.

Sure, there’s times where I ignored that inner voice inside that was telling me not to listen to the person in front of me, telling me the “best” way to do things that they knew, imparting their own opinions on my business when they knew nothing about it…

But I’m here today to plant my signpost in the ground and say: there IS another way. One where you don’t have to sacrifice your values, your energy, OR your humanity.

Because at its core, we’re more than our values and our energy. We’re full humans with complex needs, approaches, different (and beautiful) perspectives. We’re all so incredibly unique and our business deserves us acknowledging and celebrating that.

But beyond that… creating a more balanced, sustainable approach to growing our business means knowing & fully understanding exactly what season of business we’re in – because each stage of our business growth presents its own unique growth challenges and opportunities.

And in my opinion… it’s about time we took a seasons-informed approach to growing our business instead.

Say hello to...

Seasons: a group program and membership hybrid where you can learn how to grow your brand & business through every season.

In Seasons, we take a seasons-informed approach to growing your business without sacrificing your values, energy, or humanity.

It’s unrealistic to think that we can bloom and blossom all year round -

There’s a reason that in nature, the brightest most vibrant flowers only bloom for a short time before they’re dying back, regenerating and resting underneath the surface before they blossom again in their next bloom season. And as in nature, in our business we can’t consistently live in a Summer season - thriving, blossoming, and achieving huge success - for too long, because we risk burning out and crashing into a harder season.

I truly, genuinely, honestly and SO deeply believe that we can't grow more effectively, efficiently, and in true alignment (with our selves, our values, and in true integrity) until we recognise what season of business we're in, and we know how to harness the energy of that season for our benefit.

And whatever season of business you’re in right now will directly impact the actions you take to either maintain that season, or move into another one. Maybe you’re craving some downtime and a slower season - or you’ve planted plenty of seeds and you’re ready to see them all come to life. Seasons is here to give you the guidance and support that you need to grow through every season - not just the bright and flashy ones you’d expect.

hey lovely!

I’m Rachel (but most people call me Rach or Rachilli)! 😊 Every business has its seasons… just like in life. There’s a time for planting seeds, a time for nurturing growth, and a time for reaping the rewards of all that hard work. But between these stages, there can be plenty of rough patches… times of doubt, confusion, and exhaustion. That’s where my journey began.

Back in 2012, when I started as a freelance designer and developer, I was all about the hustle. Long hours, back-to-back projects, travelling all around the UK for speaking engagements…  But by 2015, my flame inside had burnt out. I was physically drained and mentally exhausted – landing myself in hospital due to the burnout. The path I was on wasn’t sustainable and it took me another few years to realise what needed to change.

It wasn’t until the last 3 or 4 years, coupled with a massive world-changing event (not even gonna mention it here, let’s not go there – but you know what I mean!) to realise that the ways I’d been planning in my business were not only unsustainable, but were unhealthy and causing me a lot of stress.

As I leaned in to the things I truly loved – the energy of nature, the influence of the seasons, and how much I loved trees (yep), flowers, wildlife, and everything in between – I realised how much inspiration I was finding that felt, finally, so obvious to me. Planting bulbs in the ground and I could see 10 or more business lessons right away! And so I started following my seasonal planning process, finding that it eased any tension and worry I’d felt around my planning previously.

But more than that, I also realised how much being in a different season of business impacted my growth. When my chronic illnesses flared up and I felt in the depths of a winter, I found ways to find tasks that I could complete that still helped me grow and move more quickly from that season. And in the height of a Summer season, I realised how there were still very important things to pay attention to so that I didn’t come crashing out of it burned out and with little to fall back on. And the more I spoke to my business besties and other people around me, in my wider biz community and beyond, the more this all started to make total sense.

I truly believe that we can all grow through every season – as long as we know what season WE are currently in and how to adjust the actions we take to match. Seasons was created out of all of this and to tackle this exact problem – the research, the processing, the experiments, the conversations, the reading, the learning. All of this led to me creating this program that is honestly unlike any other that I’ve seen around – inside of Seasons, your actions will be dictated only by the season you’re in & how you want to infuse it into your own beautifully unique business, work, and approach.

What you'll find inside

Seasons has been designed to include monthly trainings & guidance alongside community support.

This is why I consider it to be a hybrid between a group program and a membership - the best of both worlds! Here's what's inside...

Intro Module

The Seasonal Business Philosophy

An understanding of the concept of seasonal business is what this entire program grew from. In this introductory training, you’ll learn about my take on seasonal business methodology and how to align with the energy of your current season in business. I’ll also explain about how each of the seasons influence our growth strategies & how to make the most of the monthly themes as you move through the rest of the program.

Then, each month you'll get access to:

I love how much my mind has been put at ease and that I'm not alone in thinking negative things when I've not reached a goal or that I'm way behind everyone else. It's been very freeing! This template has been really motivating and has made me more determined than ever.



Planned Monthly Themes

Please note that I consider this program a co-creation between myself and those that choose to join as founding members, so this list may change anytime between now and March 2025!

Fancy some bonuses? 😍

I also wanted to include some amazing bonuses for you - originally, this was going to be the Seasonal Planning Session, but I’m all about listening to my intuition and leading with my values, and I decided to keep that open for my whole community!<
But that means all the more room for some extra special bonuses for anyone that joins Seasons. They are…

  • 1️⃣

    Seasonal Planning Template

    This isn’t just any old Notion template, it’s a whole way of planning your business around the seasons. Forget typical quarterly planning, this process shows you a way of planning that acknowledges you needs as a human first, business second. It’s designed to help you reflect on your past season, vision for your next season, and create an actionable plan to bring your more aligned goals to life. The perfect accompaniment to Seasons! (£9 value)

  • 2️⃣

    Seasonal Planning Review

    If you work through the seasonal planning session (highly recommended) and send me your seasonal plan within 14 days of joining Seasons, I’ll review it personally and provide you with thoughtful feedback and ideas or ways that I think you can improve it to align more with your business goals, your season of business, and your unique needs. This is limited to once per season and is almost worth the whole sign up fee in itself! (value of £250 per season)

  • 3️⃣

    Lifetime Access to Replays

    While there are limited-time replays for the seasonal planning sessions, with this bonus you’ll gain access to a special lesson in the course area that will house all future and past replays of the seasonal planning sessions, ready to revisit at any point during the season or whenever you need a quick refresher. (value of £200 per year)

  • 4️⃣

    Lifetime Access to Seasons Community

    Finally, you’ll gain access to the Seasons Community (for life). This program has been purposely and intentionally designed as a resource that you can come back to season after season, and the community is there for when you’re in a season of seeking support. Communities are made by the people within them, and I’m sure this will be an incredible place of support and kindness. (honestly priceless if you utilise it well)

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Seasons isn't for everyone.

I want to make that SUPER clear. I’m not about the hard sell – if you’re reading this and you feel called in, then that’s incredible and I would be honoured to have you inside of the program. I’ve also listed some ways that Seasons can help you below.

I also want to make it clear that, for me, Seasons is all about you – and figuring out what works best for you will involve a sense of co-creation with what we’re all here building together.

As a thank you for that, I’m offering Founding Member prices for the first few launches, while we solidify and create Seasons. Each launch the price will progressively increase, meaning that the earlier you get in – the better or you! And you only have to pay for the first year and you’ll then continue to have lifetime access to all the monthly resources and community after your year is up – without having to pay a penny more.

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What Seasons can help with

For me, Seasons is all about helping you out with the big challenges and finding a way to move through them.

Not every season is a happy, positive one – and sometimes they can be bloomin’ hard work. Even in seasons where you’re thriving and having all the success that you deserve coming to you – there can still be challenges.

Every season has its challenges, its opportunities, and Seasons is here to help you through them.

I’m no stranger to a big challenge – I live with multiple chronic illnesses (6 and counting – though I keep telling my besties that I’ve filled out my chronic illness bingo card now, thank-you-very-much!) and I’ve burned out three times in my 12 years of business. I’ve spoken on stage 14 times over the years, been on numerous podcasts and interviews, published a book with a real publisher, had over half a million views on articles I wrote for Envato (an incredible educational platform for the web), won awards, and SO many more positive things that I can’t even possibly remember them all as I write this.

And I’ve also had years (and let’s face it, months, weeks, and days) where I’ve wanted to pack it in, where I’ve not known how I’m going to pay my bills, where I’ve had chronic illness flares so bad they left me working from bed for months. Where I’ve been trolled and bullied. Where I’ve genuinely thought that my business wouldn’t survive.

But, season after season, I am still here. 

And I created Seasons so that I can show you how to work through your own BIG challenges.

Whether it’s because you’re a carer, live with chronic illness yourself, are a parent, are running your business as a side gig at the moment – or you simply have some particular thing that’s a drain on your time or energy. Seasons can help you find a way to take those unique challenges that you live with, and find a way of growing your business *through* all of that.

This is also one of the reasons that this program is set up as a kind of hybrid between a membership and a group program.

I believe that these core business themes are what you need to cultivate continuous growth in your business for the long-term – not just for the short term gains.

You could easily retake these trainings each year and apply the action steps each time – whether that’s following them in the same 12-month cycle, or simply going for a “pick and mix” approach, working on what you need most once your first 12 months are up and all the trainings are available to choose from.

What’s incredible about this is that the trainings will almost be evergreen themselves – they won’t change, because at their core they don’t need to. What really matters and needs to change is how you approach that training and the content within it – if you first take a training and you’re in a Winter season, the action steps that you take the first time around will be SO different than if you take it a second or third time around and you’re in a Summer or Autumn season.

Do you see the magic and possibilities that this offers to you?! ✨ I’m here to show you that knowing that the season of business that you’re in is what impacts your growth more than any other possible knowledge could do. And it’s your intuition and insight that matters more than anything else beyond that!

Some of the benefits of joining Seasons

While this program is in its beginning stages of growth, I can’t vouch for what the exact benefits to you will be. But I’ve seen what the power of this process has achieved for myself and for others I know, have taught, or have worked with... I’m guessing that these are some of the biggest benefits of this program:

Here's your invite to join us inside of Seasons...

Inside you'll...

  • Get access to a program that guides you through every season of your business growth
  • Learn how to create your own kind of consistency in your brand and business practices
  • Understand how to navigate growth sustainably, at a pace that aligns with your values, energy, and humanity
  • Get exclusive access to a supportive group community of like-minded creative business owners who are in the exact same position as you, no matter the season
  • Pay in Full

    Pay once and get lifetime access to all of the monthly trainings, action steps, campfire chats, meditations and journal prompts. For this launch only, save 40% on the final price!

    Join via Pay in Full
    £1200£720one time
  • 12 Monthly Payments

    After your 12 monthly payments are completed you''ll get lifetime access to all of the monthly trainings, action steps, campfire chats, meditations and journal prompts. For this launch only, save 40% on the final price!

    Join via Payment Plan

    Please note that this is not a membership that you can cancel - by joining via the payment plan, you are committing to paying all 12 installments and are not able to cancel mid-way through the payments.

    £100£60per month for 12 months

Before we worked together, I was kind of lost in my own thoughts and limiting beliefs about what it takes to put creative projects and (online) businesses out there. I felt like talking to Rachel not only inspired me but also more importantly reminded me that I get to give myself permission to share my voice. And it doesn't matter what my fears say, it's about listening to my own intuition.

- Elaine

I just went through the whole thing and just let me say - HOLY MOLY girl this is amazing!!! You have single handedly upleveled just about everything in my business!!! I have gone through a lot of Notion tutorials and courses and there has never been anything as helpful as your teachings. Thank you for everything and all that you do ☺️