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Seed Packets 🌱

Like a gift voucher, but for yourself & your business!

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Oooh, this sounds fun...

But what on earth is it?!

Buy Seed Packets

I wanted a fun way to reward my customers & community (hint - that's you!) when buying things I love through my affiliate links - and also for you to grab when you're saving up for my other products or offers!

1 seed is equal to £1 (GBP) – and you can buy packets of any size of your choosing, with a minimum of £50. You can spend them on my courses and group programs, online digital resources, or even use it towards working with me directly under my mentoring sessions or design services!

This cool credit idea wasn’t my own – I took a training by the wonderful Elizabeth Goddard (affiliate link) and followed that to create my very own! 🤓

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All the deets

Let me tell you how this whole "credit" thing works...

  • You receive credit either by purchasing it directly, or by receiving it as a bonus for signing up to a fun thing through my affiliate link
  • If you want to spend some or all of your credit, pop me a quick email and I’ll either give you a coupon to use or give you access to the thing you want directly!
  • You can use the credit to get one big thing (or towards a big thing that your credit doesn’t quite cover – in which case you’d pay the difference) or lots of little things! Totally up to you.
  • Your credit will always be equivalent to paying so if I’m ever launching a new thing and offer bonuses or discounts, you’re eligible to use your credit to receive those bonuses or discounts too!
  • For anything that requires time with me 1:1 (such as mentoring chats or 1:1 design work or services) you will be scheduled in according to my availability for that specific thing.
  • You can “stack” your credit, and buy credit multiple times. Doing so will extend your credit to expire on the date of the last credit your purchased or received, up to a maximum of 3 times. After that, all credit received or bought will expire on the expiry date of the 3rd credit purchased or received.
  • Your credit is valid for 1 (one) whole year from purchase.
  • Your credit is non-transferable and non-refundable and does not roll over.
  • I’ll email you 60 days before your credit is due to expire, if you have any credit remaining to spend by that point.
  • Your credit expiry date will not be extended – it is final! Any unused credit will automatically expire.
Buy Seed Packets