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Transform your workbook designs with Magical Online Workbooks & Journals 📒

It can be really hard to design engaging workbooks that your course students or customers ACTUALLY use – but this game-changing toolkit will show you to create a range of different workbooks and journals right inside of Notion.

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The problem with Typical Workbooks

PDF workbooks or journals aren't necessarily bad - they can look beautiful! But they're clunky to use, rarely fully  implemented and they're difficult to update.

Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and transform your course workbooks into engaging, interactive learning tools that not only captivate your students, but also make the learning process enjoyable AND more actionable.


Magical Online Workbooks & Journals

A toolkit packed full of templates and tutorials to create your own magical, beautifully on-brand fillable workbooks and journals directly in Notion.

All templates & tutorials included for just £50!

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My story.

Hi there! My name is Rachel, but pretty much everyone calls me Rachilli! I am a creative business mentor, branding lover and Notion nerd.

Have you ever had one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments? Well, that’s exactly how my first Notion workbooks were born! Let me share a bit of my journey with you.

I was creating a workbook to go alongside my branding course and realised that no matter how beautiful it looked, it was always going to be a pain to update – even for me as a designer, who knew how to use all the apps!

I also realised that they just weren’t as functional and actionable as I wanted to. And then… I thought of Notion. An app I’ve become obsessed with and that I knew I could use to create some pretty fun features (like fillable areas throughout the workbook that automatically fill out a fun “one sheet” at the end of the workbook!) and I knew I couldn’t just keep this to myself.

Which is why I ended up creating Magical Online Workbooks and Journals – it started with the one template and has been growing ever since!

I'm ready - gimme the toolkit!

Before we worked together, I was kind of lost in my own thoughts and limiting beliefs about what it takes to put creative projects and (online) businesses out there. I felt like talking to Rachel not only inspired me but also more importantly reminded me that I get to give myself permission to share my voice. And it doesn't matter what my fears say, it's about listening to my own intuition.


Have a sneak peek...

Here's the templates that are inside so far

And don't forget, there's more being added soon! Plus, once you're inside you can request specific journal or workbook templates and if they'll benefit the template as a whole, I'll build it out for you!

  • 📒

    Minimalist Journal

    A super minimalist style for your journals that focuses on your journal prompts front and centre

  • 📓

    Visual Journal

    A visual style that lends itself in particular to daily journals, where each day is grouped up

  • 📗

    Vertical Journal

    This style focuses on using colour and groups of journal prompts in various different categories in a vertical style

  • 📘

    Auto-Filling Workbook

    This workbook shows you how to create a fillable workbook in Notion that magically creates an auto-filling page at the end

Clarifying one aspect of your business – your brand vision – can feed into so many other parts of your business. The Brand Vision Toolkit could be the catalyst for your business growth in so many ways that you can’t possibly imagine them all. 

Ready to transform your online workbooks & journal designs?

I'm ready - gimme the toolkit!