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Spring: embracing change and growth.

Oooh, you’re in the season of Spring in your business! Just like the world starting to awaken from Winter, Spring is a time of renewal, change, and growth. This is an exciting season where you can plant new ideas and seeds of opportunities you planted long ago can start to sprout.

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In Spring, your approach to business is all about embracing change - that’s the theme of the season! It’s time to be open-minded and willing to try new things or explore new strategies. This season encourages you to embrace growth by stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Spring also brings that fresh energy and a sense of optimism with it that you can bring into your business. Cultivate a renewed passion for your work and think about how you can bring new life into your business. It’s a time to nurture your ideas, cultivate creativity, and harness the power of innovation.

Spring comes with its own challenges though, particularly when you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and all the nervous energy that can come with it if that doesn’t come naturally to you.

Remember though that Spring is just one season in the cycle of business. Embrace this season knowing that it lays the foundation for abundance that lies ahead. Keep nurturing those seeds of potential and watch as they blossom in seasons to come.

What this result means

How this result impacts you, your work & your business

As you know by now, Spring is a great time to plant seeds, try out new ideas, and embrace change with enthusiasm. It’s a wonderful time to breathe new energy into your brand! This season presents you with countless opportunities for expansion. Embrace collaboration and seek out ideas that can help keep moving your business forward.

Remember that Spring is all about embracing change with open arms. Be open-minded and flexible as you navigate through this season. Trust in yourself and have confidence in the decisions you make along the way. Your intuition will guide you towards the right path.

This season, I would love to encourage you to embrace experimentation. Take calculated risks, and remember to learn from both your successes *and* your failures. With each step forward, you’ll be one step closer to reaching more of your larger, long-term goals. Even with a mis-step or a side step, you’re still moving forward because everything gifts you the chance of a learning opportunity.

How to use this result

How to grow more intentionally in a Spring Season

Spring is one of my favourite seasons (though I end up saying that about *every* season) because the fresh energy of nature’s new year is such a perfect backdrop for personal & professional growth. It’s the perfect time to reflect a little on the path that we’re taking and how we can start to grow more intentionally.

One of the ways I love to do this is to focus on nurturing my creativity – and I’d hope the same for you, whether you’re a fellow design geek like me or you’re in a less typically creative line of work! Creativity isn’t just for designers, because creativity can be a catalyst for innovation, creating new ideas, and making progress towards our goals.

Taking risks is also a natural part of running our own businesses – the very essence of our growth (and our business’s growth) lies in our ability in being flexible and willing to experiment with different strategies. Spring encourages us to step outside of our comfort zone and trust that the seeds we’re planting will pay off. Embodying that more fearless side of ourselves can only help when it comes to experimenting more and seeing what seeds of ideas take and thrive, and which whither away.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean going at everything at 100 miles an hour, or spreading seeds around the ground with reckless abandon… but instead intentionally approaching how we plant our seeds (of ideas, of opportunity, of creativity, of experimentation) with intention – and keep an open mind to exploring new things, and to change.

Even more than that… sometimes, stepping outside of our comfort zone is a growth moment in itself. In challenging ourselves to think differently and to approach our tasks and challenges with a fresh perspective, I’m willing to bet you’ll find yourself more capable of anything you’ve imagined before.

How to harness this seasonal energy

Become more adaptable & flexible

Spring seasons in business are the perfect time to harness that energy and infuse it into your creative work. To fully tap into the energy of Spring, it’s essential that you try to build up an adaptable and flexible mindset - ready and able to switch things up as you need to. Just like everything starts sprouting in the Spring, and the first Spring flowers start to bloom, allow yourself to think bigger and embrace all of the possibilities that might be ahead.

Be more curious!

It’s also a time to explore your natural inquisitive nature and tap into the natural curiosity that Spring brings. Play around with new techniques, tools or platforms that might enhance your brand visuals or experiment new marketing strategies. Just remember that to harness the true energy of Spring, you want to be focusing on your future growth.

Nurture yourself & your work

But don’t forget that during this phase of embracing growth, you still need to nurture yourself & your business. Take time to recharge by connecting with nature - anything you can do to step away from the devices, step back, and ground yourself. Spring is a pretty energetic season to be in, so always look out for yourself first & foremost so that you can keep up with it all without burning out.


The benefits of this season

There are so many benefits to being in a Spring season in your business - and it's important to know what they are so you can both celebrate when they happen and also keep a keen eye out for them before that.

  • Fresh community growth

    Spring is the perfect time to remember that you can always try new things to attract in new people to your community who also want something fresh, new or exciting. Spring is the perfect time to showcase your brand & business, what makes you unique, and how others can benefit from your work and offers.

  • The magic of change

    One of the benefits of being in the energy of Spring right now in your business is that you have the ability & absolute MAGIC of being able to change as you need to. After months of hibernation or reflection, you can embrace being able to do more. You can create more, write more, and launch more.

  • Your own growth

    Spring also gifts you the chance to grow as a better human, and a better business owner. When I think of Spring, I think of the natural transformation that we go through as we move from a harsh, cold Winter into the beautifully warm Spring days. In that same way, you can take advantage of that renewed energy to reflect on your yearly goals (or set them, like I do, during this time of nature’s new year!), refine the strategies you’re going to use to propel you forward, and set intentions for the future.

  • An invitation to stretch yourself

    Another benefit of embracing Spring is that it encourages us to step outside of our comfort zones. Just like flowers push through the soil to eventually bloom, we too can push ourselves beyond what we thought were out limits and explore new things.

    Use the energy of Spring as an invitation to try something different - whether that’s launching the idea you’ve been excited to finally bring to life, or experimenting with a new marketing strategy.


The challenges of this season

On the other side of the river (or coin, as the normal saying goes) the challenges of Spring are exactly the opposite of its benefits. Even though it's not always nice to look at the harder things, it's so important to know the challenges to know how you can handle them.

  • The uncertainty

    Challenging ourselves to break out of our comfort zones can bring with it a ton of uncertainty, and sometimes a lack of self-belief or self-confidence that we can actually *do* the thing that we set out to do. And as we explore all of these ideas, it’s totally natural to feel a bit unsure about what lies ahead.

  • Encountering obstacles

    We may even encounter trees fallen on the paths we’re trying to carve for ourselves that we have to go around, or face setbacks along the way. But I know from personal experience - both of my own journey and that of many of my clients over the years - that these challenges might not be obstacles completely blocking our path, but stepping stones across the river that help us along the way.

  • Being open to failure

    Fully embracing the energy of Spring means being open to failure, and to trial and error, as you test out different strategies, concepts, or routes forward. Spring's unfolding beauty reminds us that change, though sometimes daunting, is a natural and necessary part of growth. The key is knowing that we can *always* learn from any of our challenges, failures, and whatever is thrown at us.

  • You have to trust yourself

    Navigating these challenges also requires a bucket load of trust in your intuition. Just like plants know instinctively where to seek out the sunlight as they grow up, up, up through the soil from where they were planted, you also have an innate sense within you that can guide your choices - almost like an inner signpost helping guide your every move. Tap into this inner wisdom that you have inside, and do all that you can to learn to trust it - because it will be your most valuable tool as you navigate the challenges of Spring.
    And don’t forget, that every season is part of our own natural rhythm in business. Spring may be a time of growth and abundance, but there may also be times when you do all the hard work and it still doesn’t pay off. Instead of seeing this happen and think that you’re failing, remember that these are also simply another season in business and you’re able to use them as opportunities to reflect.


Your best next steps

Finally, let’s explore the best next steps you can take to make the most of the Spring energy that your business is experiencing right now!

First of all, use this season to build momentum in your business by taking purposeful actions towards completing your current goals. Spring is not just a time for planning, but also for doing! Spring is all about growth, so don't be afraid to think big and aim high, but remember to keep yourself rooted in your values so that the actions you take are always values-led and aligned.

Each action that you take, however big or small, is a step forward on the path that you’re carving. Like Spring’s steady growth, your creative and bold actions will culminate in massive success over time if you nurture it with patience and persistence.

This season is a reminder that growth is a continuous journey, one that requires effort, resilience, and a willingness to evolve.

From a practical perspective, you can play around with:

  • setting goals that expand your reach, grow your brand awareness, and cultivate relationships within your target audience and community
  • exploring new marketing strategies and start thinking about how you show up online and what new platforms you might want to experiment with
  • collaborating with like-minded business owners or sharing your knowledge in other people’s memberships or on podcasts where you can get in front of new people and cleverly utilise someone’s existing audience

Building upon any successes from this season is crucial to take with you into your next season in business. Don’t forget to celebrate your milestones and goals that you achieve during this Spring season and use them as stepping stones towards even bigger things.

And don’t forget that Spring offers you abundant potential for blooming even more in the future. Embrace the positive energy that comes with this season of growth and keep pushing forward, keep taking action, and keep staying open-minded and adaptable as new opportunities come your way. Be willing to try new approaches, experiment with different marketing tactics, and learn from both your successes and failures along the way.

How I can help you

How I can help you make the most of your Spring season

If I may, I'd love to offer you a couple of ways that I can offer you more support during this season of business - simply read on to find out more!

Grow your brand through *every* season


Doors are open until April 1st!

This is the ultimate group program designed to help you adapt and evolve your brand in alignment with the different seasons of YOUR business. It’s my belief that we can’t all follow the same cookie cutter templates or ways to do things, because we’re all so beautifully unique and we live through different seasons of our business. What works for one season won’t work for another – and for good reason!

Inside of Seasons, you’ll find monthly trainings on a specific theme, with clear and seasons-aligned action steps for you to take afterwards. Plus, we’ll gather around the virtual campfire for our weekly Campfire Chats where you can submit questions and get extra, personalised support. But that’s not all – there’s also seasonal planning reviews from me personally, guided meditations to ground yourself into the intention of each month, and journal prompts to reflect on your growth. Seasons is a chance for you to root into your next season and focus on creating intentional growth in a community of incredible like-minded souls.

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Plan your next season

1:1 Seasonal Vision Workshop

If you’re inspired by the energy of the seasons & nature, in this workshop we’ll sit down together on a call and help you gain a deeper understanding of how the season of business that you’re in can influence your work, how you show up, and the actions you take moving forward. Together, we’ll create a clear and actionable plan tailored & personalised specifically to your energy, time or other needs, and designed to leverage these seasonal shifts for your growth and to help you work towards your goals.

You’ll also receive my seasonal planning template as a roadmap to help guide you and keep you on track long after we’ve met and all through your next season, where you can come back to it time and time again. If you’re ready to improve your focus, get more done (whatever the season) and grow your inner confidence in how to navigate your business through each season then this is the perfect workshop for you. Don’t let planning keep you stuck in the weeds – let’s explore the magic of your next business season together!

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My Signature Course

Your Brand Ecosystem

Are you ready to design and grow a brand that truly reflects your most authentic self? This course is designed to help you create a full brand ecosystem for your business, from the foundations through to the branches and then the blossoms. This course is rooted in my own signature branding methodology, grounded in values-led design and symbology inspired design.

But more than that, this course will help you figure out and cultivate every part of your brand and business. Starting with your brand foundations we’ll explore what makes up your brand roots; then you’ll create a visual design that covers all the brand-ches you might need to showcase your brand to the world using my signature values-led approach; finally you’ll learn how to embody your brand in every possibly way.

On a practical level, this course has been designed from the ground up to help you move through each part with ease – with pre-recorded videos, practical examples, actionable workbooks and opportunities to get my personalised feedback at every turn you’ll not only learn the essential bits of design theory you need but see it in action too – without getting stuck or overwhelmed. Come on in and explore how to fully integrate your vision & values into a beautiful visual brand that truly represents who you are – and then share it with the world (that truly needs what you have to offer it).

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