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Summer: growth, abundance, and success.

Oooh get you – you’re in a Summer season of business! Just like the warm and vibrant days of Summer, this season of business is all about growth, abundance, and basking in the sunshine of success. As a creative business owner, understanding the energy of Summer will be key to making the most of this season.

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During Summer, nature is in full bloom and everything seems to have fully come to life. It’s an incredible time for your business, for you to embrace all the opportunities that are coming your way, and to let your creativity flourish. Just like the vibrant flowers of this season, allow yourself to fully bloom & showcase all that you have to offer!

This is also a great time to create truly engaging & helpful content, launch new offers, or even revamp your visual branding so that it matches the level you’re running at.

Summer is also a time of celebration – don’t forget to reflect on your achievements so far and celebrate all the big wins that are happening for you. Embrace a mindset of gratitude for all you’ve been able to achieve, the people that have helped you along the way, and the experiences you’re having.

As the days get longer during Summer, it’s essential to stay focused on your goals while you still find a balance. The risk of burning out is much higher when you’re in a Summer season, so it’s important to keep in mind that despite all the roaring successes and busy work periods, you also need (and deserve!) some rest and time to relax too.

The bonus? Spending time away from work will also no doubt spark even more new ideas and fresh perspectives that will benefit both you *and* your work in the long run. Remember that Summer is all about blossoming and thriving – but to do that also takes a lot of work, patience, and nurturing. Don’t forget about yourself while you do your thing and blossom like you so deserve to!

What this result means

How this result impacts you, your work & your business

Being in a Summer season is like basking in the warm rays of the sun – except this time, you’re basking in the warm rays of success and hard-earned growth. It’s a time when all of your hard work from previous seasons starts to pay off and you can see everything you’ve dreamed of before your eyes.

It’s a phase of your business that’s filled with abundant opportunities and almost a sense of unstoppable momentum. You’ve already laid the foundations of your brand, business & work – and now it’s time to fully embrace all of the exciting opportunities that have come around as a result.

Just like how Summer encourages the most vibrant flowers to bloom, this season of business signifies a period of abundance and sizzling energy. Your efforts have almost created a buzz around your work, attracting in lots of new customers or clients and captivating existing ones. It’s as if the world is finally taking notice of you & what you have to offer – and they’re here for it!

Summer also brings with it a sense of adventure & exploration – but this time with more confidence. New marketing strategies are paying off, ideas are being fully brought to life, and you’re able to launch more exciting collaborations and offers. Embrace this season as one where you’re more than confident to step outside of your comfort zone because you’re completely sure of what will happen as a result. Making bold moves becomes your *signature* move.

But let’s not forget the importance of energetic balance during this time. Summer might bring with it a truck-load of optimism and confidence, but don’t mistake it for arrogance and take it too far. Summer is just as much made for lazy afternoons in the shadow of a tree as much as it is for basking in the sun.

How to use this result

How to grow more intentionally in a Summer Season

Summer is a season filled with a sense of endless possibility. As a creative business owner, you have the opportunity to harness the energy of Summer and use it to propel your growth even further – but with clear intention and purpose.

Summer gives you a sense of confidence and the ability to take bold action like no other season does, but it can almost become arrogance. Feel free to take bold actions but always make sure you have a backup in place, just in case.

Setting ambitious goals that also stay true to your values and vision for your work is key during this season. Allow yourself to dream bigger than you ever have before and allow the energy of Summer to infuse you with even more motivation and drive than you thought you had. This drive can empower you to achieve remarkable things.

But remember, growth doesn’t happen in isolation. Connecting with other business owners who share your own passion and creativity is going to be key for continuing to stay in the Summer season for as long as you can.

As the days grow longer, allow that light to give you the energy to still focus on planning and growth even in such a successful season. It’s that continued effort that will help you to keep growing through Summer and gently move into your next season, instead of crashing out of that Summer energy with a hard bump.

How to harness this seasonal energy

Embrace the possibilities

Summer is a season filled with vibrant energy and almost endless possibilities. It’s a season that fills us with optimism and invites us to dream big. So embrace that positivity and pour it into your business. Believe in yourself more than you ever have before, because you know you’re capable of what you set your mind to.

Believe in yourself!

I truly believe that as we start to believe in ourselves more, we take more risks - but they are more likely to pay off, because when WE start to believe in ourselves others will too. Keeping a positive mindset around our work isn’t possible all of the time, but when it is - keep it close to you! It’s one of the main ways that you’ll be able to fully manage anything that comes your way when the clouds start rolling in.

Celebrate the successes

Sometimes, building a business can feel a bit of an uphill battle, which it’s why it’s even more important to celebrate the successes and victories along the way. Whether it’s a big or small thing, celebrate it regardless - and use it as momentum to keep moving forward and making even more amazing progress. Harnessing this seasonal energy can also help you build even more community in your brand, one of the key parts of your brand ecosystem. Take advantage of the season you’re in and keep sharing your work, your thoughts, and your business wherever you can.


The benefits of this season

There are so many benefits to being in a Summer season in your business - and it's important to know what they are so you can both celebrate when they happen and also keep a keen eye out for them before that.

  • Your brand is everywhere!

    One of the main benefits of being in a Summer season is that your brand is everywhere. You’re probably even starting to get the DMs of “Oh I saw you on so-and-so’s podcast, and then I saw you in this membership I’m in!” as all the opportunities you’ve taken start to be visible in the world. Your brand recognition will start to grow more and more, and you’ll start to find yourself even being invited on to some of your dream podcasts as a guest, or invited into more opportunities to get visible.

  • It's a confidence boost

    Another more internal benefit of being in a Summer season is the confidence boost it gives you. When we start to see real results from all of our previous hard work and creativity, it also helps grow our self belief. And that extra confidence is like a seasonal cycle itself - more confidence means you’re more likely to take bold actions and push yourself more (in the kindest, gentlest, most aligned way around here, remember!) to grow. Everything that we are seeing is about how well we have done, how much we have accomplished, and what we're able to achieve - all of which results in a huge boost for us.

  • You are creating your own momentum

    Summer seasons also bring around a huge sense of momentum with it. The energy of a Summer season in business means that you can roll with that momentum to keep creating, launching, or refining what you’re working on. Ride the waves while you can, and use that momentum to also build more trust in your work with your community!

    Embracing Summer and all the benefits it brings is also about making the most of it while it’s around - all of the goodness is waiting there for you to bloom, just as you’re meant to!


The challenges of this season

On the other side of the river (or coin, as the normal saying goes) the challenges of Summer are exactly the opposite of its benefits. Even though it's not always nice to look at the harder things, it's so important to know the challenges to know how you can handle them.

  • The uncertainty

    If your season in Summer is anything like a "British Summer" you might want to make the most of it - because sometimes it can arrive and then disappear as quickly as it came! That’s the risk of a Summer season though, and for all the joy it can bring it can also have its challenges too.

  • Keeping your marketing going through it all

    Make the most of Summer, but don’t lose sight of forgetting to market your business even in such a busy, successful season. Because once it’s over, you don’t want to have to fight back from zero to build up yourself again. It’s far easier to continue your marketing through a busy season than it is to start from scratch in a quieter season.

  • The demand on you & your time

    Being in demand is fun at first, but the challenge that comes with that is also being able to sustain it for the long term and also balance keeping your clients & customers happy at the same time. Scaling quickly requires careful & strategic planning to make sure it’s sustainable not only now, but for the future as well.

  • The risk of burnout

    A Summer season also brings risk of burning out, just like the risk of sunburn in the real outdoors. When you’re constantly working on new opportunities, working with lots of lovely new clients, or fulfilling lots of lovely product orders it’s easy to forget that you also need to look after yourself to nip burnout in the bud before it takes hold. Recovering from burnout is much harder than preventing it in the first place, however hard it feels! Focusing on supportive daily routines & nourishing rituals might seem a bit over the top at times, but will be vital in helping you stay on the right side of burnout.


Your best next steps

Finally, let’s explore the best next steps you can take to make the most of the Summer energy that your business is experiencing right now! This season is all about maintaining this energy for as long as you can - but that takes strategic smarts on your part and bold action.

First up, collaboration is your best friend right now. Whether you pitch yourself to be featured more (whether that’s on your fave podcasts, doing guest trainings in membership programs you love, or any other visibility strategy you fancy doing) or you’re invited by the host themselves, make the most of your Summer season by expanding your reach and leveraging other people’s audiences to continue growing.

Providing a great experience for your clients & customers will be one of the things that keeps them coming back to you, raving about what you offer, and building up even more trust in your brand & business - because word of mouth and referrals are an incredibly strong marketing tool to have in your business growth toolkit.

Wherever possible, also make the time to keep going with your marketing - whether that’s building in word of mouth or referral strategies like above, your social media or content marketing, or any other strategy you have to get more eyes on your work. Remember that it’s much easier to keep it ticking over (even in a small way!) between launches and seasons instead of having to pick it up and start from scratch once you hit a quieter season in business.

Keep taking bold, brave actions and use the confidence and self-belief I know you must have right now to keep taking strategic and smart risks to keep pushing yourself forward and growing.

And above all else, don’t forget to look after yourself through it all! While we want you to thrive like those Summer blooms for as long as possible, don’t forget that YOU and your health matter the most, so keep practicing your daily routines & rituals so that you can avoid burning out.

How I can help you

How I can help you make the most of your Summer season

If I may, I'd love to offer you a couple of ways that I can offer you more support during this season of business - simply read on to find out more!

Coaching, Guidance & Support

Your Next Season

If you’re ready to get extra support on your business journey (however clichéd that might sound, it fit the best!) then Your Next Season was designed for you. We kick things off by rooting ourselves in a personalised 1-to-1 Seasonal Vision Workshop followed by 3 months of asynchronous coaching, guidance and support. In the workshop, we’ll sit down together on a call and help you gain a deeper understanding of how the season of business that you’re in can influence your work, how you show up, and the actions you take moving forward. Together, we’ll create a clear and actionable plan tailored & personalised specifically to your energy, time or other needs, and designed to leverage these seasonal shifts for your growth and to help you work towards your goals.

But the real magic here comes after the call – once we’re clear on what your goals are, what you’re working towards, and we’ve created the actionable plan to get you there… I’m by your side every step of the way during your next season, giving you the accountability, support and guidance you need to keep your plan moving forward. I’ll be there to help you navigate your self-doubt as it comes up, help you find the best way of working for you, encourage your decision-making and energy management skills, and show you how to realign your plan if it needs it. I’ll be your biggest support while you root into your next season of business – and I can’t wait to watch you grow.

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Grow your brand through *every* season


Doors are open until April 1st!

This is the ultimate group program designed to help you adapt and evolve your brand in alignment with the different seasons of YOUR business. It’s my belief that we can’t all follow the same cookie cutter templates or ways to do things, because we’re all so beautifully unique and we live through different seasons of our business. What works for one season won’t work for another – and for good reason!

Inside of Seasons, you’ll find monthly trainings on a specific theme, with clear and seasons-aligned action steps for you to take afterwards. Plus, we’ll gather around the virtual campfire for our weekly Campfire Chats where you can submit questions and get extra, personalised support. But that’s not all – there’s also seasonal planning reviews from me personally, guided meditations to ground yourself into the intention of each month, and journal prompts to reflect on your growth. Seasons is a chance for you to root into your next season and focus on creating intentional growth in a community of incredible like-minded souls.

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